Doggypawz originally began in 2003 with Nancy Newsom. Creating all of the recipes owned by Doggypawz, LLC herself, she created a business model that most wouldn’t have thought of. She exhibited in the Global Pet Expo in Chicago 2005 and business bloomed. In fact, by 2006 she had exceeded her condo and needed a bigger production kitchen. She moved into a big house to grow her business even more. By 2007 she had become overloaded and burnt out very quickly. She shelved her business model due to being unable to find reliable help.
Fast forward 11 years, and her grandson, Monte, had moved from Central Texas to North Texas to live with her and attend college and work in the family bakery. During college she shared stories of when he helped her at a few of the smaller trade shows local and how he was the best little salesman she could have. He became inspired by her drive and determination to create a business and all from scratch. She gave the entire business over to him in late 2015 and he held on until late 2019 to work on it, once he had more time.
Monte began doing his research for what he needed to do in order to jumpstart the business again. By March 2020, he had everything in order. Doggypawz, LLC has become a 2nd generation business and is striving to become a household name across the state of Texas and beyond, to stretch from the west coast to the east coast.
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